About Dulon

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Dulon Polish was originally developed for the aviation industry and over the past 12 years, has been modified for the boating industry. Dulon Polish has a unique 2-component final stage, that when applied, actually combines and cures giving you a hard protective polish membrane that will outlast normal polish.

If you are tired of waxing your boat constantly, then get onto using Dulon! Thousands of boat owners World wide are avid supporters of the Dulon Polish System. Many professional detailers in the Boating and Aviation arena are also changing over to Dulon because it is better! Dulon Marine Polish also gives amazing results on cars and RV's.

Directly developed from aeronautical research in the USA, originally to protect and reduce the drag on aircraft.

Modified in Europe to meet the needs of the Nautical market, Dulon is now placed as the leading protection system.

Its two-component system nourishes and protects all surfaces with a polyurethane base, ie marine paints and gel coats.

Its action is based on Dulon 1 with its base of urethane and magnesium. This micro thin first coat nourishes and lightly polishes the surface. Unlike all other polishes, Dulon is not based on petroleum distillates, so this allows the surface to breath and conserves its original properties.

Dulon 2 is based on Fluorine, which is the cement to adhere it to Dulon 1, and Carbon, which forms the finishing protective layer and shine.

Being totally water based, Dulon is non-toxic, exceeds all European and Australian safety standards and is biodegradable.

Dulon Polish

  1. Will outlast all wax or petroleum based polish

  2. No warning labels required, Dulon is water based and safe for users and our environment

  3. Easy to use and can be applied by hand if required

  4. Doesn't splatter and leave a mess, very clean to use

  5. Gives a spectacular deep lustre

  6. Will protect against the elements for many months and retard UV damage to gelcoat and painted surfaces

Why We Use Dulon